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A belt is a loop of flexible material used to mechanically link two or more rotating shafts. Many cars have accessory belts that drive the alternator, the power-steering pump, the air conditioning compressor, the water pump (in many cases), and other parts of a modern vehicle.

Debris and dirt that mix with oil and grease can slowly wear at the belt and materials advancing the wear process, causing premature belt failure.

Here are some symptoms to watch for
  • Strange noises - like a slapping or screeching
  • Car stalls or has difficulty starting
  • Battery dies
  • Headlights are dim or flickering
  • Other electrical failures

Driving on an old belt is a disaster waiting to happen because it powers most of your engine's accessories. When your belt breaks, slips, or wears out, everything from the power steering pump to the alternator and air conditioner can stop working, and failure to replace the belt can result in a complete breakdown or catastrophic engine failure.