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Customer Reviews

Jackie L.  10/09/2017

I called this morning because my car was in DESPERATE need of an oil change! When I told them I couldn't drop it off for the day, they could have told me to buzz off! Instead, they said bring it in, nicely explained what I would need for my car, explained the pricing to me and had me on my way! Overall, it was an amazing experience! I will be back here with other cars of mine and for my next oil change!

Charlie L.  08/08/2013

I took my car (Mercury sable 2000) to another auto repair service that I have used in the past to fix a a/c blower door that was not working. The other service said it would be very expensive to fix since they had to remove the center console to access the door. I declined their very expensive proposition and took it here. It was fixed without removing the console and was a very very reasonable repair bill. Will continue using this place from now on.

Glen H.  11/21/2012

Bob and his crew are as honest and trustworthy as I have found. I know that when I bring my car in to their shop, I will not be sold parts or repairs I do not need, and that the work they do will be the best I can find. They clearly explain what they do, why, how much it will cost, what my options are and how long it will take. I would be reluctant to take my business anywhere else in town.

Dave K.  05/10/2011

Finally a mechanic I can trust. Great service!

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