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David Maceda 01/2019
Good service and fast repair of my car!
Janet Sadeb 12/2018
I can recommend this guys to any one. Excellent staff in service and techs. They communicate clearly and patiently and take good care of their customers.
Tammy Fisher 11/2018
Extremely helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. They take the time to explain and give you options. If they can't do something, they will tell you.
RAUL651 05/2018

Qualified staff with great service. This place has been frequented by my family and friends for years and all have been taken care of.
No complaints.
Angela J. 04/02/2018
Bob maintains an honest and fair auto repair shop with highly skilled technicians. They are about quality services, competitive prices, and they care about their customers!
Michael Glasgow 02/2018
Great service at a fair price!
Paul Brenner 2017
Exceptional service! We discovered a major coolant leak on our Chrysler Town & Country as we arrived in St Paul on the first night of our vacation. (I envisioned having to rent a car for the remainder of our trip and/or postponing the rest of our travels.) First thing the next morning I called Auto Repair Service after reading the positive reviews online. Bob told me to bring the van in right away and he would take a look. I limped the van to the shop and within a few minutes they did a pressure test, identified a blown hose casing, explained the problem in detail, and gave me a quote for replacement. Bob located a new part in town and gave me a ride back to our hotel while they replaced it. He called me about an hour later to say the van was ready and offered to pick me up at the hotel. In a few short hours, our van was fixed and we were back on the road with virtually no delay in our travel plans! I was amazed. The price was very reasonable, but even more important was the fact that they were able to help us so quickly and provided such courteous service.

I manage an auto body shop for a living and I understand that it is not easy to work in unscheduled repair jobs, let alone get them back on the road so quickly. I was thoroughly impressed with Bob's service. If I lived in the St Paul area, Auto Repair Service would definitely be my mechanic of choice.
Jackie L. 10/09/2017
I called this morning because my car was in DESPERATE need of an oil change! When I told them I couldn't drop it off for the day, they could have told me to buzz off! Instead, they said bring it in, nicely explained what I would need for my car, explained the pricing to me and had me on my way! Overall, it was an amazing experience! I will be back here with other cars of mine and for my next oil change! 
Erin Mihm 11/2017
Trust worthy and honest.
Jack Smethells 08/2017
I've been here a few times and overall, it's easy to get in and they are very matter-of-fact about what needs to be fixed and what can wait.
Cindy Mack 2017
This is the only place I take my cars!
The service is always top notch and they are trustworthy. I have been bringing my cars here for 15 years. They stand by their work too.
Bob and his team are the best in town! Don't waste your time and money anywhere else.
Paul Krieger 2016
Have went here for years. Bob and Brad give it to you straight. Always a clean shop. Never afraid to show you what's wrong first hand. 100% trusted.
Ben Cannon 2016
I wish I could give more stars. My wife and I were spending a few days in the Twin Cities for vacation when our Jeep kept shutting off while we were driving. We called Bob at Auto Repair Service and he said they'd work us in as quickly as possible. We were about two miles away from the shop when we lost power again. We called Bob to let him know it would be awhile until the tow truck got us to him. He came to us and tried to get it started again so we could drive to the shop! Unfortunately it wouldn't budge. When we finally got the Jeep to his shop, Bob got it right into the garage to start the work of diagnosis. We mentioned that we were visiting from out of town and we'd been planning on checking out Como Zoo that afternoon. He had us get in his truck and he took us there so we could enjoy the day while they fixed the Jeep! They kept us in the loop by phone and then he came and picked us up from the zoo in our repaired Jeep. It's been two weeks and the problem (bad crank shaft sensor) hasn't returned. Absolutely amazing service! The only bad part about this experience is that Bob doesn't have a location near us so now we might have to drive the two hours up to him if we need any more work done! I would highly recommend Bob and his team to anyone who is looking for honest and fast auto repair with the best customer service you'll ever experience!
Kelly 2016
I am glad I found these guys, they are affordable and I trust them. Took my car there for struts and an alignment, and they did a great job. They stopped what they were doing to help my husband out for free with his concerns, and went out of their way to diagnose an alignment problem that ended up being a radial tire, and didn't charge me extra. This is a good place.
Jerry Kamp 2016
Great place the owner is honest & easy to work with. I would recommend them.
Cindy 2016
This is the best, most trustworthy garage in town. They stand by their work and are always professional. I won't bring my car anywhere else! Bob and the rest of the team are outstanding!
Andrew H. 06/2015
I have been going to this shop for over 7 years. They always treat me fairly. They let me know what I need as well as what I came in for. But they don't pressure me to purchase any extra services. They do however explain the benefits of the different things that should be done. They even brought me in the shop to look at my own car so I could see first hand what they were recommending. My favorite thing is that the owner is there himself! I feel I can trust them with my and my money. I strongly recommend this shop to anybody!
Paul D. 2013
My landlord recommended Auto Repair Service when I first moved to St. Paul 13 years ago and have been a loyal customer ever since.
These guys are very skilled with great attention to detail and professional at a level most dealership mechanics can't match, not to mention their prices are unmatched. They always do a great job and get my vehicle back when they say or sooner.
13 years and counting and two vehicles that run great.
And if that doesn't sell you - I should also mention they are honest.
Charlie L. 08/08/2013
I took my car (Mercury sable 2000) to another auto repair center that I have used in the past to fix a a/c blower door that was not working. The other servicer said it would be very expensive to fix since they had to remove the center console to access the door. I declined their very expensive proposition and took it here. It was fixed without removing the console and was a very very reasonable repair bill. Will continue using this place from now on.
Glen H. 11/21/2012
Bob and his crew are as honest and trustworthy as I have found. I know that when I bring my car in to their shop, I will not be sold parts or repairs I do not need, and that the work they do will be the best I can find. They clearly explain what they do, why, how much it will cost, what my options are and how long it will take. I would be reluctant to take my business anywhere else in town.
Dave K. 05/10/2011
Finally a mechanic I can trust. Great service!
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